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[featured_image image=”2389″ featured_title=”Our Grapes” featured_desc=”We grow five types of grapes; strains of excellent quality. In each bottle of wine there are up to four types of grapes, wisely mixed in the right proportions.”][featured_image image=”2393″ featured_title=”Our Corks” featured_desc=”Only top quality Spanish cork, to ensure that the organoleptic properties of our wines are preserved intact in the bottle.”]
[featured_image image=”2391″ featured_title=”Our Barrels” featured_desc=”We use oak barrels, both of French and American origin. Oak barrels’ wood gives our wines the nuances that definitely stand out so much in the glass.”][featured_image image=”2395″ featured_title=”Our Ageing Method” featured_desc=”A variable number of months in the barrel, and from there to the bottle; With the right temperature and luminosity, our wines grow strong and noble, either for months or years.”]
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Our wines are the result of the masterful combination of wisdom, effort and research, embodied in a unique and excellent product.

— Fermín Martín

A glass of wine
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