How everything began

Bodegas Nueva Valverde began with the acquisition of the Las Tejoneras estate in 2000. A small part of the surface of the estate was dedicated to the cultivation of the vine; specifically, there were some strains of the native grape of Madrid, that is, the Garnacha.

These vines were regenerated and, in some cases, replanted, and simultaneously a study of the properties of the land was made in order to determine which types of grapes were the most suitable to be grown along with the original grenache strains.


Since the amount of grapes produced by our vineyard is relatively small, most of the processes that have to be carried out for winemaking are purely artisanal. Our expert team develops the necessary works with dexterity and respect for nature, always taking the utmost care so that no anomalous element can damage the purity and quality of the wines we produce at Bodegas Nueva Valverde.


The decisive component, both in the care of our vineyard and in the subsequent manufacture of our wines, is passion. Passion for the vine, for nature, for the grape; for a job well done and for the unique feeling that good wine leaves when drunk.

Nueva Valverde Winery's statement

We strive to produce wines of excellent quality, through the use of primarily natural processes


Although Bodegas Nueva Valverde is a young company, a part of the raw material with which we produce our wines is not so much. Part of the vines that populate our vineyard have, according to experts’ calculations, about eighty years of life.


The youth of Bodegas Nueva Valverde as a company is not an obstacle for our winemakers to compete in wisdom with those of the most famous wineries in Spain and other countries. Their knowledge of the grape and wine has allowed us to develop a product of extraordinary quality, as evidenced by the numerous awards harvested by our wines in these years.


We strive to produce wines of excellent quality, through the use of primarily natural processes with a marked innovative character, from a sustainable vineyard with a limited surface area.

Our goal is to compete in quality with the best wines from both Spain and the rest of the world, and thus be able to provide excellent wines to the consumer.

Nueva Valverde Winery

Our Timeline


Acquisition of the Tejoneras Estate

Don Fermin Martin, founder of Bodegas Nueva Valverde, purchases the Tejoneras estate after years examining the best wine areas of Madrid, in order to locate the optimum natural environments for the local production of excellent wines.



Acquisition of selected strains of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and other varieties

Don Fermín Martín travels to France with the aim of bringing grafts of the best strains of the varieties that, together with a small proportion of the native Garnacha, were going to be used to make the wines of Nueva Valverde.



Vineyard planted

The vineyard located on the Tejoneras estate is planted with the different varieties brought from France.


Our grapes

Our first harvest!

The vineyard gives its first fruits. Our goal is gradually approaching.


Bottle of 750, slanted

The first bottles of our wine 750 are filled

We started to bottle wine, although it will not be released until 2004.


Bottle of Tejoneras, slanted

The first bottles of our wine Tejoneras are filled

We started to bottle wine, although it will not be released until 2005.



Our first awards

We get our first Challenge International du vin Burdeos award —a bronze medal—, followed by other awards in the same year.